The Old Naples Waterfront Association (ONWA) was formed to educate residents and tourist on the people and industry of a historic and cultural destination that once served as the first economic center of the City of Naples in the 1920s. The ONWA's mission's is to promote the history on and around the waterfront as a "place" or destination with a diversity of activities, good and services.

The ONWA has participated in a variety of historical, civic and cultural outreaches such as hosting the Nina and Pinta (Columbus ships), where school children were hosted on special days and creating a festival reflective of the history and culture of the area, The Naples Stone Crab Festival. The Annual Festival occurs at the opening of Stone Crab Season in October in partnership with the City of Naples and four other business districts in downtown Old Naples. The ONWA is the only Association in the City or County that has also participated in the Economic Development Council's "Place Making and Connectivity Forum" for Quality of Place.

This is the first time any association in Collier County or the City of Naples was formed specifically to educate the public on the unique history of the city and its connection to the county in which it resides as well as its unique value for economic sustainability.

Sitting by the water, (of course!), the Old Naples Waterfront Association members talked about hosting a two-day event that would offer residents and visitors alike several waterfront locations to enjoy food, games, children's activities and live music. The beautiful waters of Naples are an important part of the history of the area and its growth from a small, fishing village of days gone by to today's tropical paradise that attracts visitors worldwide. The first year was such a success that the Old Naples Waterfront Association has decided to make it a yearly event. As you will see from the list of activities not only does this event bring families down to the water but it educates them on our local history and what Naples has to experience.